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Dear Webmaster or Admin,

Thank you for using CH2V for your volunteer organization web site. This brief survey will help us understand how to best help you AND make the most $$$ for your organization. This is the 3rd Survey. We are currently on the following agenda...
  1. New Editor DONE.
  2. Mobile Site <- Next
  3. Integration with Google Calendar
  4. Text Messages & Alerts
  5. Simpler volunteer signup for "items to donate."
  6. Inventory Control
  7. Silent Auction App
  8. Embedded Accounting System
See the additional items added in the survey...

All who fill out the survey will get a report showing the results!

Thank you..

Ed Downs


Optional but helpful

Optional but helpful

Optional but helpful
The following are requests from prior surveys. We appreciate your input! Please take some time to rank these features according to your organizations' needs. We will implement according to highest priorities! All who complete the survey will see the results.
Mobile-Friendly Site or App          

Integration with Google Calendar

Text Messages & Alerts

Simpler Volunteer Sign-Ups for items brought.

Inventory Control

Silent Auctioo App ("ebay" like auction)

Embedded Accounting System

Keep email correspondence, year to year (1)

Auto-create a newsletter based on news articles

Manage sign-ups for an entire year (not just time slots)

Registration verification reminder so they receive opt-in email.

Improved sponsor Module - easier for new sponsors to engage.

Restrict page access through user groups - not just security categories.

Assign security levels in database uploads.

Link from calendar to URLs, not just News and Events.

Store - Add to cart without logging in. Guest check out option.

Mass delete of emails and bounces.

Improved photo gallery that works in all browsers.

User Statistics -- to make it easy to remove old volunteers.

Two signups on one volunteer item, like "volunteer" and then "bring x"

Change "member" so purchasers don't think they are "members"

Add a "NOT" selection to email, so we can email "NOT Approved Volunteers"



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CH2V Staff
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